At 1pm on Monday 6th March 2017, we launched a brand new website for Kuk Sool Won – Boston.

Kuk Sool Won is a martial arts school, founded in mid 20th century in Korea.

Speaking of the site launch, Nathan Bryant said “Having worked with Sonny Boyall and others from the Boston school of Kuk Sool Won for several months, I’m confident that this site is now complete and that all the hard work of the Kuk Sool Won team, joined with our knowledgeability here at Realflame Digital has helped the school further it’s digital presence. My deepest thanks must go to Carl and Sonny at KSW for their perseverance and hard work throughout this lengthy bespoke design process.”

On behalf of Kuk Sool Won Boston, Sonny Boyall said: “A big thank you to Nathan and his team for the extraordinary lengths they went to, to help achieve what was a basic idea into what we consider a site that reflects the quality of our martial art and our school in Boston”.